If you need help when using one of our products, first take a look at the FAQ below. Then, if you don't find a solution for your problem, you can contact us.


1. Could I pay in another currency than USD ?

Yes, absolutely. The Kagi store allows you to pay in Euro (EUR), Pound (GBP), Yen (JPY), Canadian Dollars (CAD), American Dollars (USD) and Australian Dollars (AUD). Just select the currency you want in the "currency" menu when you select your payment method. The exchange rate is automatically computed from the USD price.

2. Do you have a PC/Windows version of your softwares?

Not yet. Actually, we dedicate our work to the Mac OS X platform only. And no one in our actual Team knows how a PC program work ;-)

But we could think of making Windows version in the future if their is enough requests.

3. My demo period is over, how to register my copy of Elements ?

First you need to buy a license from our web store. Then when you receive the registration code e-mail, just follow the two steps registration process and Voilà !

4. I did not received the Purchase's confirmation e-mail or the Registration Code e-mail, why ?

Kagi send you the Purchase e-mail as soon as the paiement validation is confirmed. The Purchase e-mail subject is : Thanks for your purchase. This is usely a very fast process, but in particular cases it could take a couple of days.
Then, when we received the Kagi's paiement confirmation, we send you your Registration code e-mail within two business days. The Registration code e-mail subject is : [Elements] Your Registration Code.
Please note that you may wait for a couple of days before register your software after the purchase. Thank you for your understanding and to notice us if you don't received the e-mail you're waiting for after this period.

The only non-received e-mail problem we encounter yet are due to: